HappyTC® — Happy Team Captain  

HappyTC Demo

In a nutshell, HappyTC works as follows:
  1. Create a team;

  2. Invite players to the games (emails are sent out);

  3. Players just click links in the emails to respond:
    • no need for players to remember user IDs or passwords!
    • players are sent "game reminder" emails a few days before each game

  4. You, the captain, are emailed a team status report before each game!

These steps are illustrated below. (You can also see step-by-step what's involved, or a video.)


Create a simple team schedule & roster: game dates across the top, players down the side:


Invite your players, and they'll automatically be sent reminder emails before each game:


Players can update their status for each upcoming game simply by clicking the links in the emails: no need for your players to remember user IDs or passwords!


You'll be emailed a summary of everyone's planned attendance at upcoming games, giving you plenty of time to contact your team's subs if needed:

That's it: all there is for you to do now is sit back and relax... (Or rather, get to the game and play!)

(Click here to see the step-by-step version of the demo.)