HappyTC® — Happy Team Captain  

About HappyTC

What is it?

HappyTC is a simple tool that makes running sports teams quick & easy. It is not YASNS (yet another social networking site).

How does it work?

Read about how it works, how it saves you time, and other FAQs.

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What sports does it work with?

HappyTC works with pretty much any recreational team sport, including (but not limited to!):
  • Hockey: ice hockey, roller hockey, floor hockey, field hockey, innebandy (aka floorball, Swedish floor hockey) ...
  • Football (North American variety): touch, flag, tackle, co-ed, men's, women's, ...
  • Soccer (football to the rest of the world): co-ed, men's, women's, outdoor, indoor, benchball, ...
  • Basketball: co-ed, men's, women's, 4-on-4, 5-on-5, half-court, streetball, ...
  • Baseball: softball, hardball, slo-pitch, T-ball, beer ball, pes├Ąpallo (that's Finnish baseball), boboll (Finnish baseball in Swedish!), ...
  • Ultimate frisbee: co-ed, men's, women's, indoor, outdoor, 5-on-5, 7-on-7, speedpoint, ...
  • Rugby: co-ed (yeah right!), men's, women's, sevens, ...
  • Volleyball: co-ed, men's, women's, court, beach, ...
  • Tennis teams: men's, women's, mixed doubles, ...
  • Waterpolo: co-ed, men's, women's, innertube, ...
  • Dragonboating!
  • Lacrosse!
  • Curling!
  • Dodgeball!
  • ...in fact, HappyTC even works with non-sport teams (e.g. volunteer groups, etc.): anything where a group leader wants a simple, useful way to keep track of who can & can't be at a series of events. (As long as you don't mind some sports lingo!)

Who uses it?

HappyTC is used by team captains in adult recreational sports leagues. The teams are in leagues such as:
  • after work "sport & social" clubs
  • college/university intramurals
  • for-profit, professionally run rec leagues
  • non-profit, volunteer-run rec leagues
  • officiated, stats-keeping, highly organized leagues
  • unofficiated, low-organization leagues
  • beer leagues, industrial leagues, corporate leagues...
  • non-league groups of friends meeting to play "pickup"
Not coincidentally, people who play in these leagues tend to be physically active, social folks who spend a good chunk of their disposable incomes on sports & fitness-related products and services. After games they often enjoy going to pubs, restaurants, and other eating & drinking establishments. They tend to be in their 20's through mid-40's (the hard-core even older), and often don't have children yet and so have plenty of opportunity to travel to exotic destinations when they go on vacation. They also tend to have above-average education and income levels, and the vast majority are internet and mobile/cell phone users.