HappyTC® — Happy Team Captain  

Try it now...

...as a captain:

Psst... go to the HappyTC sign-in page, and use the following secret info to sign in:

User ID: guest22
Password: abc123

NOTE: As a guest, you won't be able to do certain things (like send email invitations to anyone). To try that, sign up for real!

...as a player:

Players don't need user IDs or passwords to use HappyTC (that's what keeps it simple and easy).
Instead, they receive emails containing links like the following (try them!)

From: The Skipper / HappyTC
To: Gilligan
Subject: [The Minnows] Mon, Mar 23 / game reminder
Please let us know if you'll be at the game by visiting one of the following links: ...

As always, you can check the schedule, see who else is playing, and update your availability via
Your Schedule


Teams whose captains registered for HappyTC via their league (more info) will see HappyTC "branded" with the league's logo and colours, like this:


(...as opposed to the vanilla HappyTC look)

You can sign in to HappyTC branded by "Your League" using:
User ID: guest41
Password: xyz123

Likewise for player email links: Your Schedule